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Slade Templeton

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Paperback and Limited Edition Hardcover (Autographed/Numbered)


"I soon found myself engrossed in the story and unable to resist diving back into it on every free occasion. Templeton’s characters are authentic and true-to-life, and his plot is imaginative, dark, and unpredictable."

5/5 Stars, Jack Magnus

"Mr. Templeton handles his own horrific plotline with deft and skill, leaving the reader to deal with an ever-mounting sense of dread without succumbing to inane efforts at denial."

5/5 Stars, Joel R. Dennstedt

"Author Slade Templeton has crafted a stunning debut work that encompasses the very best of the thriller, psychological, supernatural, and horror genres to deliver a story that touches the darkest corners of our minds."

5/5 Stars, K.C. Finn

Truth of the Shadows

Haunted Miniatures

Custom made haunted miniatures by Slade Templeton & Enely. Click below to see more on the shop!



Slade Templeton is a Switzerland-based, American-born musician, record producer, and published fiction author, living and working in Bern. Since a very young age, he has had a passion for anything dark, including art, music, and film. 

Alongside being an author and musician, he is an avid haunted dollhouse maker and providing innovative miniatures for others to use in their own dollhouses and dioramas.

As he often produced piano concerts and recitals for his family beginning at the age of five, titling the pieces “The Storm” and “Nighttime Fairy- tale,” to name a few, and having written stories with grandiose plots and twists since a young age, it was destined that his world of music, arts, and storytelling would eventually intertwine.

In The Press

In the Press

“You can’t let someone in who isn’t there.” This was one of my favorite lines in Slade Templeton’s intensely macabre “Truth of The Shadows.” He has a Stephen King-like gift of putting us inside the mind of one teetering on the brink of total madness. Why are we afraid of shadows? Is there someone or “something” hiding that pitch-black shape? The answer might defy logic and reason. And Templeton’s page-turning novel does challenge us with “the truth.”

Tom McLoughlin 
Writer/Director of Friday the 13th; Jason Lives, One Dark Night, The Unsaid, and Stephen King’s Sometimes They Come Back

A dark and spiraling journey into the abyss, TRUTH OF THE SHADOWS is a brave and unflinching supernatural thriller that manages to defy expectations.

John Palisano,

President, Horror Writers Association

The author’s rich and dark psychological landscape shows a suspenseful tale of evil iconography, while providing room to create a mysterious world. The decisive intensity of the characters comes from the narrative’s beyond world experiences - A book well worth picking up!”

Brian Perera, Cleopatra Entertainment/Records

Enthusiasts of mysterious and suspenseful psychological horror will be keenly intrigued by Slade Templeton's new novel Truth of the Shadows. The book, which explores secrets of the past and the frisson of the unknown, is augmented by audio/visual components for a truly immersive and otherworldly experience in altered reality and perception. 

Jen Dan, The Big Takeover

Slade Templeton uses patients’ delusions, the doctor’s nightmares, and wonderfully strange Native American legends to weave a story that keeps readers on the edge of their seats. I often could not tell whether the visions and occurrences were caused by schizophrenia, drug-induced, or real.

Karen Walpole, Readers Favorite

Not for the faint of mind.

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