*FLOATING GHOST IS SOLD OUT - will get them re-made shortly just trying to catch up* - Standing, and the two Sitting poses are still in stock.

These will be shipped in batches starting June 1st. We are taking pre-orders so we can be sure everyone gets theirs in a timely fashion, and to ensure all logistics are in order for you to receive a great product! We have had a lot more response than planned and we want to be sure it's all done right from the start.

Thank you so much for your support and ongoing support! Also special thanks to Facebook Group "Haunted, Halloween, Off The Beaten Path Dollhouses" for their valued feedback and love. Join the group if you haven't already to see some amazing houses and designs from so many talented artists!


Custom designed and printed LED light up ghost for your dollhouse! This is in 1:12 scale. Get in touch for other scales. 

Made from 100% clear resin. Modelled by Enely's 3D. A professional LED Light-Kit is mailed with each order, simple to wire/connect, and you can place the wire however you see best fit for your project. Included in all orders are Ghost figurines (in the pose you choose), LEDKit (which comes with a SoftBlue LED, Wire connector to Battery Slot, and a Battery included). All orders ship worldwide.  Full instructions are included with the kit. 

All orders are shipped from Switzerland. Please allow 3-5 weeks for product to be made and then shipped once we are launched, as they are all hand made-to-order and then printed and packed by my lonesome self (for now). My cats may help, but that is sometimes counter-productive.

If you have any concerns or needs for expediting for any reason, please email directly. truthoftheshadows@gmail.com or through the contact form on the website. 



Standing/Laying are 110 mm Tall x 30mm width (main body)

Sitting are 85mm tall x 30mm width (main body)

These are scaled at 1inch scale with a teenage girl that would be 4 foot 3 inches at full scale, or, someone of average size many generations ago. 

*IMPORTANT INFO* - Sometimes the ghost may have little bubbles in the casting/print in the middle body area. This is part of the processing and post-curing. If they are seen too much once the LED light is in; please let me know and I will send another ghost! It's very hard to tell until the LED is in and its lit up in a dark dollhouse. Sometimes even changing the angle of the LED will make them vanish. So just let me know if this is an issue.

LED Teenage Girl Ghost Miniatures (4 different poses)

  • We can not accept any direct returns but of course, for anything damaged or broken (the figurine or the LED kit); then we can ship replacements! Please just email us!  truthoftheshadows@gmail.com