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This is an Autographed Copy of Truth of the Shadows. After months of being sold out, we have gathered a few additional copies to ship out directly by the Author; Slade Templeton. Please include in the purchase order if you'd like your name to be mentioned in the signed copy, or email:



Set in a small town in Oregon, "Truth of the Shadows" takes Dr. Joseph Hoffmann, head psychiatrist at the crisis unit of Cottage Grove Hospital, on a path of self-discovery, in-depth mystery, and supernatural horror while he tries to figure out what’s keeping the nightmares alive at the hospital and in his home. As he falls victim to his own dark past while trying to uncover the truth behind his deceased grandfather’s folklore studies, his own sanity falls further into disarray. His entire world seems to be crashing down, and as he starts to unravel, he quickly realizes his patients aren’t much different than him. If he can’t figure out the cause of the dark entity lurking within his crisis ward, it might be too late to free himself from any of it.


  • 262 Pages
  • 71,000 words

Truth of the Shadows (Autographed Paperback)

  • 5.5x8.5 inches. Paperback book.

  • Truth of the Shadows ships worldwide. 

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